Chelsey Nugteren is a marketing communications and content marketing specialist. She is passionate about helping companies understand the importance of creating and sharing valuable content as a means of communicating a compelling story, drawing customers into a shared experience and building brand loyalty. Throughout her career, Chelsey has worked with a variety of organizations – both commercial and non-profit – to help them create a comprehensive content strategy for engaging their current and prospective clients.

As a principal at Mereo, Chelsey is helping Mereo’s clients conquer the challenge of bringing purposeful content to the critical junctions in their client’s buying cycle, while also serving as Mereo’s own content creation and strategy specialist.

Chelsey began her career at South Dakota’s premier online marketing agency, Click Rain. At Click Rain, Chelsey helped foster client/agency relationships, while also writing and editing copy for client websites and other promotional materials. She designed, implemented and tracked email marketing and social media campaigns, as well as wrote blogs and press releases for the agency and its clients.

From there Chelsey went to work for the global non-profit Focus on the Family as a marketing strategist. Chelsey project managed the organization-wide marketing campaign strategy, resulting in maximized constituent engagement. She was responsible for strategically assigning marketing allocations to internal programs, which in turn boosted program performance. Through these initiatives Chelsey developed and maintained internal relationships to nurture cross-functional ideas and creativity while also planning, implementing and tracking one of the organization’s most successful lead generation initiatives.

Prior to joining the Mereo team, Chelsey was providing content and social media strategy consultation, support and implementation for a variety of clients – from global non-profits to small town, local businesses. She enjoys working directly with clients and employing strategies that enhance customer satisfaction and success.

Chelsey earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication and Journalism with Honors from Dordt College.