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virtual content

Deliver RICH Virtual Content: Part I — Is your virtual content relevant to your audience?

No one predicted the sales environment that exists today. Likewise, no one can confidently predict the road ahead. Virtual selling
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Revenue Performance Report

The State of Revenue Performance 2020: Opportunities for B2B Sellers Navigating the Pandemic

The performance of the top companies around the globe is indicative of our current economic environment — and also offers
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Sales Tips for COVID-19 Adaptation

How COVID-19 Has Affected the Sales World

With the business world still experiencing great disruption from COVID-19, we are taking an in-depth look at exactly how sales
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lead generation activities

Your 3 Greatest B2B Lead Generation Activities for 2H 2020

B2B lead generation traditionally has centered around in-person engagements. Salespeople traveled by car and plane to meet with prospects and
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Best B2B Leadership E-Newsletters

The Best B2B Leadership E-Newsletters to Add to Your Morning Skims

You know an e-newsletter is worth its value when it appears in your inbox and you are actually intrigued, perhaps
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B2B Virtual Selling

It Is Time to Take B2B Virtual Selling Seriously

Six months of social distancing and B2B virtual selling have zoomed past us. We have witnessed offices transition to remote
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buyer journey

Sales Tools to Serve Your Buyer’s Journey

Sales tools can be a powerful enhancement to your strategy in serving your buyer with valuable, differentiated solutions. From one-pagers
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Should You Be Planning for a Virtual 2021 Sales Kickoff?

Face-to-face interactions are the pinnacle of not only business but what it means to be a human. In-person garners greater
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virtual business practices

The Future of Your Organization Is Virtual — at Least Partially

The economy has been reopening — and with that comes the expectation of offices leaving behind their virtual organization and
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frictionless selling

Frictionless Selling in 2020 Translates to Frictionless Buying

Our modern selling environment has buyers in more control than ever. In fact, CSO Insights uncovered that 70.2% of B2B
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