Seek to Serve

Mereo is grounded by a fundamental and powerful principle: seek to serve, not to sell™. Seek to serve drives our processes, our actions, every part of our business. Too many companies get caught up in pushing products and put all their focus on profit.

Mereo was not created to only drive revenue but to serve more businesses — and more importantly the people within those organizations — and serve them along their journeys in the best way that we can.

Having this attitude, this unexpected approach, stands out in a buying culture that can feel forceful and void of relationship. Seeking to serve buyers, although it may cause lost immediate sales, in turn often builds trust and relationships — the true currency of a successful business. Putting buyers first and being an authentic salesperson wins every time — without exception.

Mereo’s hope is to always display this in both the corporate and personal interactions and to encourage each client and colleague to do the same. In a culture constantly pushing self-focused, we hope you and your teams can also go against the grain and focus on your clients and their needs.

If you would like to make this a priority for your team, but need some direction, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact us at