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Solution Marketing

Sell their needs and your solutions

There is no lack of competition in the B2B marketplace. Are your products being passed up even though you believe you have the very solution your clients need? All too often sales and marketing are working independent of each other, missing crucial opportunities to weave compelling differentiators into your messaging and positioning. Mereo’s solutions prepare you to communicate your unique value proposition and differentiation across all customer conversations.

Successful Solution Marketing includes:

Power Profile Identification: Pinpointing your target market including industry, location, size and buyer personas; what they need, how they buy; and your understanding of their business, financial and personal pains

Positioning and Messaging Readiness: Identifying and solidifying market position and messaging framework necessary to effectively win an unfair share™ of opportunities

Client Advocacy: Developing programs, processes and sales assets that communicate compelling client proof points in support of your differentiated value proposition

Mereo’s solutions equip you to:

  • Package your offerings in a way that identifies and intensifies the pains of your ideal buyer and that emphasizes your competitive advantage
  • Respond to your buyers’ pains with a differentiated solution that delivers a compelling value proposition
  • Reinforce your solution’s differentiation and value through client proof points

See how Mereo positioned Oki to market their solutions in a way to capture an unprecedented market share.

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