Growth Solutions

Demand  Progression

Discover your ideal buyer. Become their ideal solution.

Nothing is more frustrating than a funnel that translates into few deals. Are you exasperated with not only too few leads but a pipeline with unqualified opportunities? Positioning your sales and marketing efforts to effectively speak to your ideal buying audience saves your team from tirelessly chasing dead ends. Mereo’s solutions arm your team with the tools to effectively drive more of the right leads and to shepherd those leads through the buying journey.

Successful Demand Progression includes:

Audience Readiness: Fostering market awareness, perception and thought leadership as it pertains to target audiences and solution focus; this includes ensuring we understand and can address specific pain points for each buyer or influencer in the sales process

Demand Development: Creating and advancing sales opportunities through lead generation and demand capture campaigns, coupled with sales discovery and lead nurturing capabilities

Sales Process Alignment: Aligning your sales process to the buying cycle, competitive environment and solution to deliver predictable profitable revenue

Mereo’s solutions equip you to:

  • Garner the mindshare of your ideal buying audience
  • Capture and nurture demand with your target audience
  • Engage your ideal buyers with the solutions that matter to them
  • Infuse consistent discipline to mitigate sales cycle risk

See how Mereo positioned Ariba to pursue their ideal buying audiences.

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