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Enable Sales Channels to Win an Unfair Share™

As a chief marketing officer, you are pulled in two directions: The CEO expects you to identify and activate the most profitable routes-to-market, while the direct sales team and CSO rely on you to provide sales assets. In most B2B organizations, this means direct sales, yet you don’t have the power to get ahead of sales and lead revenue. Juxtapose those expectations with the reality that your return on marketing investment continues to crash, and you feel stuck on how to embrace your current situation and turn these realities into a competitive advantage.

Mereo’s solutions can help you find that competitive advantage by aligning your company’s compelling story precisely to your buyers’ needs. Our solutions equip your salespeople with differentiated messaging and captivating value, and enable the sales team with point-of-sale tools and techniques that can enable your company to win an unfair share™ of pursuits. Contact us to get started.

80% of disqualified leads are won by you (or your competition) within 24 months 

Sirius Decisions

The Current State of Marketing

While 53% of B2B buyers say they follow social media group discussions, just 14% say they connect directly with solution providers

80% of disqualified leads are won by you (or your competition) within 24 months

The average win-rate for referral-based leads is 63%

As much as 90% of the sales kit assets marketing creates for sales go unused

Executive buyers say 28% of sellers focus on listening for a keyword or phrase and then launch into a scripted pitch

You may ask yourself, can marketing really generate demand or does it just capture demand through more effective methods? Does your sales team have the capabilities to employ value-based prospecting campaigns? What has kept you from successfully leveraging partner and client communities to source and accelerate more business? How can your team “revenue-enable” sales channels to engage in meaningful conversations with buyers across the buying cycle?

Turning Your Reality into Your Competitive Advantage

Your marketing department can empower extraordinary sales performance. You have the power to enable sales channels to win an unfair share™ of pursuits. How? By aligning your brand’s compelling story to the buyer’s needs. Doing so, you:

  • Equip salespeople with a means to engage directly in prospecting and demand progression.
  • Position sales channels with differentiated messages and compelling value.
  • Enable salespeople at the point-of-sale with tools and techniques that win.

The Mereo Solution

With these fundamental principles of marketing in mind, Mereo’s solutions help you build a marketing foundation that aligns your efforts with market demand based on differentiated messaging. We do this by:

  • Distinguishing your brand in your buyer’s mind in the whole buying cycle
  • Engaging prospective C-level executives from companies that align with your ideal buyer profile through the Mereo Decision Maker Network™ to validate your audience’s pains and give insights to how real buyers evaluate your solutions and differentiators

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