Chief Product Officer

A Product Framework for Success

Align product, business, financial and go-to-market strategies

As a chief product officer, you lead your organization’s efforts to identify and deliver the solutions needed to solve your target market’s problems. Although simple in theory, this process — from idea to strategy to execution to launch and promotion — can feel like an impossible balancing act. Bringing all relevant stakeholders on board and aligning essential organizations across the business can be challenging enough; all the while the pressure of ensuring your organization sees return on its investment continues to build.

Mereo’s solutions ground you with strong strategic frameworks that guide you from idea to execution. Our solutions put you in control of your strategy, the execution and launch activities. We help you realize better return on investments, and ensure your research and design investments contribute to your organization’s revenue performance. Contact us to get started.

The Balance Between Product, Organization and Market Needs

How can you align your entire organization around creating and launching new solutions? How can you be sure your solutions focus on the needs of your market? And how can you balance serving and growing current markets with the risk and opportunity associated with creating and entering new markets? It starts with a compelling and clearly articulated solution strategy.

Of the bottom third of revenue performing organizations, only 34.6% have a clearly defined new product strategy and only 19.2% have roadmaps in place

Product Development Institute, Inc.

Of the worst revenue performing organizations, only 23.1% have validated the benefits of investments based on their customer and only 19.2% have validated their business value

Product Development Institute, Inc.

Product launch failure rates range from 24% – 46%, depending on industry and business maturity

Product Development & Management Association (PDMA)

The Mereo Solution

Mereo answers your problems by helping you develop a repeatable framework and prescriptive approach aligned to your business, financial and go-to-market strategies. We accelerate this adoption through:

  • Utilizing cross-functional workshops to gather, present and evaluate investment opportunities that drive strategy definition and alignment
  • Testing the strategy and roadmap with prospects, customers and analysts to ensure investments align to market needs
  • Implementing specific governance best practices to ensure development and delivery of products align to strategy

With Mereo, you are operating with a documented strategy that has been validated with your market and aligned with your company’s business, financial and go-to-market plans — as well as an improved amount of control, governance and visibility of the execution and launch of products.

Ensuring a Return on Investment (ROI)

Products must solve the target market’s issues, but they also need to show a worthwhile return. The time, research and development and employee resources are precious company investments, and you need to be sure to launch a successful go-to-market for your product that turns a profit. How can you guarantee this?

The Mereo Solution

Mereo strategies help you increase your ROI on research and design and other investments by:

  • Engaging organizations across the business to make certain appropriate skills and investments are made to achieve growth and ROI
  • Aligning those investments to validated market needs
  • Tailoring systematic launch project plans to your business structure and capabilities to drive the highest return on investment

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