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Revenue Enablement

Arming your sales team with skills and tools for success

According to research conducted by the CMO Council, salespeople invest upwards of 40% of their time creating presentations and other sales cycle content — that is two days per week. Are your sales teams thrown in front of valuable clients without proper training and crucial market and solution knowledge? Taking the time to set your team up for success pays immeasurable dividends in the long run with revenue enablement. Mereo equips you to invest in the journey of your customer-facing team members, preparing them to lead your clients to success.

Successful Revenue Enablement Includes:

Sales Skills: Practicing requisite sales techniques and related activities of sales and other customer-facing professionals required for revenue performance scalability

Solution Knowledge: Enabling the sales and customer-facing professionals with applicable and relevant industry, business process and solution insights

Sales Kit and Sales Tool Maturity: Developing, updating and making readily accessible relevant and compelling customer-facing assets for your sales channels

Mereo’s solutions equip you to:

  • Hone the skills of your customer-facing teams with regular role-play exercises
  • Equip your customer-facing teams with industry and solution insights and tools
  • Help your teams connect with your buyers in relevant dialogues

See how Mereo assisted Pitney Bowes in creating game-changing resources.

By choosing to enable their sales teams with relevant sales kit assets and tools, a leading customer communications solutions provider achieved an astounding 194% increase in pipeline within 60 days once they stopped wasting the valuable time of their field sales professionals.

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