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As a revenue champion, you can’t ignore this fact: Buyer behavior is changing, constantly. Tried and true methods that once delivered sustainable revenue growth seem to be more irrelevant each year. While this may be true for some selling tactics, it doesn’t apply to all. Solution selling is just as relevant to modern-day buyers as ever, just in a more vibrant — albeit alarming — selling environment that sales teams must adapt to.

Mereo’s solutions build a scalable sales performance platform that combines the critical assets of revenue operations with revenue enablement disciplines. The fundamentals we equip you with and the differentiated messaging we help your sales team focus on serves your prospects and clients alike with relevant dialogues. Contact us to learn how we can help you specifically.

Understanding the New Selling Environment

Buyers complete 57% of the buying process before engaging a seller.

A whopping 89% of meetings are deemed failures by the prospects.

Executive buyers value industry expertise 4X more than product knowledge.

Sales reps waste 2 days per week creating their own messaging and tools.

Adapting Old Selling Techniques to the New Environment

As sales leaders we must guide sales professionals of all levels of tenure and skill through this paradigm shift. But how can you ensure that every interaction your sales teams have with clients and prospects provides value? Why do your sales teams struggle to engage in a relevant dialogue with clients about the underlying root causes of their issues, so the buyers gain insight from the conversation? How much of sales reps’ time is wasted creating sales tools “on-the-fly” because marketing has not delivered what you need?

Sales excellence is achieved when a sales professional can guide a buyer through a deeper understanding of the buyer’s real pains and challenges, and help them navigate potential solutions available to address these challenges.

The Mereo Solution

Mereo’s solutions partner with your sales leadership to instill accountability with your sales professionals to unleash sustainable revenue performance for years to come. We can help you build a scalable sales performance with a combination of:

  • Critical assets of sale operations (sales governance, territory management and compensation strategy)
  • Revenue enablement disciplines (solution knowledge, sales skills training and sales kits/tools)
  • Ideal buyer personas that highlight the pains the audiences are experience
  • Differentiated messages that help your sales team engage in relevant client and prospect dialogues
  • Testing strategies with prospective C-level executives from companies that align with your ideal buyer through the Mereo Decision Maker Network™ to validate your buyers’ pains, to clarify how buyers evaluate solutions, and to confirm that your differentiators are truly unique and compelling to the buyer

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