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Sales Operations

Aligning your salesforce into an unstoppable revenue engine

Having a unified team with a focused plan tailored around your businesses’ overarching strategy is one of the primary keys to success. When launching a new product or pursuing a new territory have you been frustrated by miscommunication and mismanaged resources? Mereo’s solutions enable you to design and institute a seamless go-to-market infrastructure across your sales channels.

Successful Sales Operations include:

Sales Governance: Adhering to consistent adoption and enforcement of a sales methodology; supporting systems and demand progression reporting

Territory Management: Segmenting the target market, allocating/prioritizing scarce sales resources and enforcing congruent territory planning

Compensation Strategy: Incentivizing the appropriate behavior and results from all customer-facing professionals to achieve both short-term profitable revenue objectives and sustainable long-term growth

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Mereo’s solutions equip you to:

  • Create and enforce consistent disciplines
  • Examine resource allocation in concert with prioritized market segments
  • Reward team and individual performance

See how Mereo prepared SAP to engage a new target profile beyond IT, resulting in the buyer to engage CEOs, CFOs and operating executives.