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b2b website

Is your B2B website engaging your audience — or just displaying your goods?

The question posed in the headline regarding your B2B website is becoming increasingly important as buyers continue to change their
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sales culture

A Winning Sales Culture Propelled by Urgency

Every business leader wants their sellers to embrace the sense of urgency to serve their buyer and realize the company’s
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sales urgency

What a Pit Stop Crew’s Urgency Can Teach Sellers

Across the board, I have witnessed a plague among sales professionals and at times sales leaders. The talent seems there.
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Airbus A380

How solution strategy and management could have saved the Airbus A380 — or saved it from itself years sooner

In February 2019, Airbus announced it would stop the production of its A380 jumbo jet by the end of 2021.
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marketing communications

How a solution marketing expert and marketing communications expert partnered to achieve major results

Around 2012, Rachel Spasser, currently managing director and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Accel-KKR, joined Ariba, now an SAP Company,
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head of marketing

The 2 types of head of marketing

There are two types of head of marketing we typically encounter in B2B organizations. The “Marketing Communications/Demand Generation” Head of
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sales qualification

A new — and more effective — sales qualification framework

When it comes time for marketing and sales to determine the most qualified leads, many turn to BANT. The BANT
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buyer profile

The often overlooked insights the target buyer profile can provide

B2B marketing teams align with sales, solution marketing and more through the target buyer profile. At Mereo, we call the
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b2b marketing

B2B marketing activities alone are not enough

B2B marketing often gets tunnel vision by just focusing on its individual activities. From the demand generation pushes, whether those
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Sales Pipeline

Whose responsibility is the sales pipeline anyway?

When the sales pipeline dries up, the blame more times than not is placed solely on marketing and the market
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