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Barry Witonsky


As a former practitioner for nearly 20 years in corporate roles across sales, marketing and product, Barry Witonsky has applied that experience to collaborate closely with clients for the last 10 years as a go-to-market consulting expert.

This experience — from small to Fortune 50 companies and across verticals such as manufacturing, telecom, technology, healthcare, etc. — enables him to identify gaps and improve GTM strategies and functions. Barry has worked with over 80 companies to create strategies and deliver segmentation, territory design and numerous other strategic analytical solutions. For many clients this enables them for the first time to make data-based decisions. For those more experienced, he helps take them to the next level to optimize strategic decisions and discover revenue insights that lie within their data.

Most recently Barry was promoted to VP of Sales Operations Solutions with SBI. In this role, he helped clients integrate SBI solutions into their environment to generate long-term value.

Prior to SBI Barry led enterprise marketing for the B2B division of Charter Communications. Other corporate roles include group manager for product and solutions marketing, senior product manager, and sales engineer and account manager.

Barry earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Buffalo, where he also was a member of the University’s first rowing team, ultimately placing in state and national regattas. Since, he has completed continuing education courses in systems thinking, project management and more. When not working Barry spends time with his four kids and wife in the great outdoors of Colorado.