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Cary Paulette


Cary Paulette is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with over 25 years of experience leading high-performing teams and executing sales and marketing programs within the medical device, high-tech, community platform and, most recently, consumer wellness industries. His expertise spans building and leading sales and marketing teams from start-ups and SMBs to global organizations.

In his most recent position at BioTE Medical, Cary served as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) for the consumer wellness company, guiding it through its public debut in May 2022. In this role, he orchestrated a significant transformation of the sales and marketing teams, overseeing all commercial activities and customer-facing events. Cary successfully aligned global sales and marketing teams with a value-based solution messaging approach, strategically developing demand generation programs that emphasized multi-solution buying agendas over individual products. This strategic shift resulted in delivering substantial and enduring value to the business, growing revenue from $60 million to ~$185 million in five years.

Before his tenure at BioTE, Cary held roles with several medical device and technology companies as Senior Vice President (SVPP of sales and marketing within the aesthetic, women’s health and long-term post-acute care markets. Early in his career, Cary worked with numerous software and SaaS solutions in both the B2B and B2C markets, gaining experience in areas such as supply chain, supply chain visibility and community platform services.

Cary graduated with a BA in Marketing from Baylor University Hankamer School of Business. When he’s not working, he enjoys outdoor hobbies including golf, hunting, fishing and pickleball.