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Product Launch Blueprint

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Companies invest 8 – 15% of revenues in solution development

… but how can they increase the likelihood of getting a strong return on that investment?

By following this product launch blueprint, you will learn how to:

Develop and follow a CONSISTENT, COMPREHENSIVE LAUNCH PLAN that will focus and align your entire organization

COMMUNICATE THE ESSENTIAL DETAILS internally to hold teams accountable and externally to manage expectations and generate buzz

Create a TRACKING AND MEASUREMENT FRAMEWORK to keep track of efforts and outcomes — and gain insights in what needs adjusted for next time

Foster AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE A NEW PRODUCT OR ENHANCEMENT actually has the chance to succeed in the market

Launch Your Product to Success

Even the best solution faces failure without a strong launch strategy. With upwards of 15% of your company’s revenues tied up in product development, your organization must see the launch through in order to see not just a return on the investment — but to drive sustainable revenue performance.

With the Mereo Product Launch Blueprint, we put a powerful and repeatable framework in your hands. We will help you build your launch plan, see it through and track progress and outcomes along the way.  

Our Clients

With the foundation of this product launch approach, Mereo principals have served hundreds of market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, Axway, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Sopra Banking, Grace Hill, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and dozens more.

Meet the Product Launch Expert

Joel Reed knows every in and out of product launches. He brings more than three decades’ experience directing marketing and sales operations for some of the world’s most renowned hardware and software technology companies.

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Product Launch Blueprint

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