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Derailing the Deal

Overcome the 5 Common Missteps That Send Your Sales Cycles Off Track — and Start Consistently Closing More Sales Deals

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Derailing the Deal Ebook

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The average buying committee is becoming more complex: 41% of buying committees have 1-3 members
36% of buying committees have 4-6 members

10% of buying committees have 7-9 members

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By completing this expert eBook for closing sales deals, you will learn how to:

Create a TARGETED, SUCCESSFUL BUYER PROFILE to enable and focus your sales teams

Identify QUALIFIED BUYERS that deserve more investment of your salespeople’s time and attention

Overcome BUYER STATUS QUO that keeps them from making buying decisions and taking action

Distinguish your solution with REAL, MEANINGFUL DIFFERENTIATION 

Lead with a VALUE PROPOSITION that weaves together a captivating selling story for your buyers

Follow These 5 Leading B2B Practices for Closing More Sales Deals

Are your sales deals often heading down the track toward success — but then they somehow derail and fall apart? A number of things can happen between station A (prospect) and station B (buyer). At Mereo, our experts bring decades of experience supporting hundreds of B2B sales teams, and we find that these five obstacles are tend to hide behind every lost deal: (1) wrong buyer profile, (2) unqualified buyers, (3) status quo wins, (4) me-too positioning and messaging, and (5) no value proposition. Download this eBook to first diagnose where your sales deals are derailing — and gain the tools for getting your sales deals back on track.

Our Clients

Mereo principals have helped hundreds of B2B sales leaders improve the closing rate of their sales deals, including market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, Axway, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Sopra Banking, Grace Hill, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and dozens more.

Meet Our Sales Deal Expert

Jay Mitchell brings 25+ years of experience piloting the revenue engines of leading B2B organizations. In this timespan, he has witnessed selling teams fall prey to these common sales deal derailments. He is spreading his selling knowledge in order to help leaders like you enable your salespeople to close more deals, more consistently.



Derailing the Deal Ebook

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