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Executive buyers believe only 8% of salespersons are focused on driving a valuable end result for the buyer.

— Forrester


69% of buyer respondents
said the No. 1 answer to
creating a positive sales
experience is
“Listening to their needs.”
— Hubspot

By completing this Seek to Serve™ workbook, you will learn how to:

Apply the proven Seek to Serve™ strategy for MORE-MEANINGFUL COMPANY CULTURE AND MORE-EFFECTIVE SALES OPERATIONS and value proposition messaging

BUILD STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS WITH BUYERS for recurring, mutual value-exchange

Gain the FRAMEWORK FOR FOSTERING TRUST through listening, discovering and striving to solve buyer problems

Put proven philosophy into practice for SUSTAINABLE REVENUE PERFORMANCE

Embrace a Culture of Seek to Serve™ to Build Sustainable Relationships with Buyers

B2B buyers are more sophisticated and in control now than ever before. They are 57% through their buying journeys before having any meaningful contact with a seller (Gartner). Today, salespeople garner around 5% of a buyer’s time during the B2B buying journey (Gartner). Their pains and needs are complex and require relevant, specific solutions. And they can spot — and avoid — an ingenuine, pushy seller from the first moments of interaction.

Having a Seek to Serve, Not to Sell attitude and approach stands out in a buying culture that can feel forceful and void of relationship. Seeking to serve buyers builds trust and relationships — the true currency of a successful business. Putting buyers and their needs first and being an authentic salesperson wins every time — without exception. Download this game-changing eBook to enable your workforce toward serving buyers as a true trusted advisor.  


Our Clients

With the foundation of the Seek to Serve™ approach, Mereo principals have served hundreds of market leaders such as Ariba, Eppendorf, Citrix, Castellan, Pitney Bowes, Accel-KKR, SAP, Zebra, E2open, Vistage, Philips Healthcare, Axway, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, State Street, Ace Hardware, Miller Heiman, OKI Data, Logility, Sopra Banking, Grace Hill, Michelin, HireBetter, The Vintage Racing League and dozens more.

Meet the Founder of Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™

Jay Mitchell has dreamt and lived the Seek to Serve™ philosophy for a lifetime. It was this buyer- and value-focused approach that has been rooted in Mereo since founding it more than 15 years ago. He has since used this foundation to serve some of the world’s most renowned Fortune 50 B2B organizations, while instilling this approach in their selling teams.

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