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The Ultimate Revenue Kickoff Planning Playbook

Follow the Leading B2B Revenue Kickoff Planning Practices to Create an Event That Will Inspire Change

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Sales Kickoff PLANNING

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Revenue kickoff attendees who wouldn’t give their company’s RKO an “A grade.”

— Brainshark


Successful revenue kickoffs require ideally 6 months of planning.

By downloading and completing this expert revenue kickoff planning playbook, your team will gain hands-on exercises, worksheets and guidance for:

Prioritizing the APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF TIME to do event planning justice

Building a POWERFUL AND ALIGNED revenue kickoff planning committee

Making INTELLIGENT EVENT DECISIONS — from location to agenda and more — that lays the foundation for an event that delivers outcomes

Spearheading content-creation that ENGAGES, EDUCATES AND INSPIRES your selling teams to succeed in the year ahead

Generating BUZZ AND EXCITEMENT for the event from leadership to employees

Follow the Leading Revenue Kickoff Planning Leading Practices — and Orchestrate a Program (Not Just an Event) That Sets Your Organization on Track to Win in the Year Ahead

This is your leadership team’s shot — your chance that comes once a year to bring together your teams to boost morale and deepen culture, to motivate and inspire their best performance, to transfer knowledge and share the go-to-market roadmap that unites all efforts for the year ahead.

This is your revenue kickoff. And it is up to your leadership team to deliver an event that will make a true impact for your people, your organization — and your revenue potential. The success of this event starts with and hinges on planning.

Your team should prepare to invest substantial investments in time, energy and resources in order to achieve these outcomes. In this guidebook, our revenue kickoff experts lay the framework and steps for effective, focused planning that makes the most of these investments to deliver a successful revenue kickoff — one that actually makes an impact for the year ahead.

The Mereo Approach has Made a Difference in Past

Revenue Kickoffs

Meet the Lead Mereo Revenue Kickoff Planning Expert

Josh Hardy has led and supported dozens and dozens of successful revenue kickoffs. His trick? He and his principals do not come in as outside counsel but work hard to integrate within organizations and teams. By learning and understanding the distinct differences of every organization’s goals and needs, he and his fellow revenue kickoff experts can guide leadership, support vital content creation and set an event that is focused on driving real change.

Mereo Principal

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Sales Kickoff PLANNING

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