Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a $4 billion software, hardware and services provider that integrates physical and digital communications channels.

LOCATION: Stamford, Connecticut
INDUSTRY: Global Shipping & Mailing Company




  • Traditional sales channels failed to embrace go-to-market model coupling software and hardware into single solution despite 25 years of investment in software capabilities
  • Product launch in ancillary solution arena afforded opportunity to enable sales channels with value-based, solution selling techniques and tools


  • Powered 52% year-over-year revenue growth and nearly doubled the quota attainment across the team
  • Re-packaged buyer-level messaging to capitalize on differentiation afforded through blended hardware, software and services solutions that address relevant market demand
  • Enabled sales teams through intensive role-play scenarios that sharpened solution selling skills while simultaneously rolling-out new solution offering
  • More than doubled average sales price within days of enablement sessions for sales cycles employing new approach

“A corporation with the distinctive sales channels that Pitney Bowes employs requires an advisory partner to learn about the nuances of each of those channels and tailor their program accordingly. Mereo’s approach allowed them to first, get to know us better than we know ourselves in many cases and second, embed into our team and operations so they could help us in precisely the areas we needed. The real aha was the number of sales managers who shared with me that they thought the Mereo team members were Pitney Bowes employees and that we needed to hire more like them. That says it all!”

Vice President, North America Channel Sales


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