Value Proposition Formula Worksheet


As most sophisticated selling organizations know: A value proposition is an essential sales enablement tool. At its simplest, this is your messaging for why a buyer needs a solution and why they should choose your solution over the competition.

Yet, not all value propositions are created equal. A private equity firm Mereo supports surveyed the CEOs, Heads of Sales and Heads of Marketing across their portfolio companies about the top challenges they are battling in their go-to-market efforts. They discovered their portfolio companies struggled most with value proposition and value selling skills (tied for first at 52% of respondents). In a session with the leaders, it was clear these two are inextricably linked and often have downstream impacts in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) through time to revenue positive for new hire onboarding, pricing power, competitive win-rates and more.

At Mereo, we excel at not only crafting differentiated value propositions that work — but also helping leadership train and enable their sales teams to apply this essential tool across all the value conversations of a buying journey. We have supported private equity investment firm Accel-KKR with this. We have done the same for SaaS organization Castellan — and also cloud-based ERP software provider Nextworld, among many others. Their outcomes have been substantial. So could your selling organization’s gains. How do we do it? Download the Mereo Value Proposition Worksheet below to start developing your own differentiated value proposition and enablement plan — and reach out to our expert revenue consultants for support.

Download the Worksheet

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