Nextworld, LLC

Nextworld, LLC

Nextworld is a cloud-based ERP software provider that offers a no-code
development platform.

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
INDUSTRY: Enterprise Resource Planning Software




  • Operated without a complete go-to-market structure as a new and upcoming development-led organization looking to enter an established market and to build momentum as the leading next-generation ERP solution provider
  • Focused messaging on leading edge technology but failed to fully identify target audiences and the differentiated value proposition that would answer the pains and needs of buyers
  • Needed to rapidly educate and enable reseller sales channels before major release in late 2021 to be able to best identify, access and engage the right audiences with the Nextworld solution — and close early adopter customers
  • Wanted to build buzz around the new solution to effectively freeze certain target markets with exclusive, highly-targeted marketing outreach, but lacked a robust marketing team


  • Guiding and aligning leadership teams with baseline review and actionable recommendations helped complete the go-to-market strategy and structure to set Nextworld up to gain early adopter customers and meet short-term revenue goals
  • Developing value messaging Power Play™ Books and Power Play™ Sheets supported leadership in fully defining target profile customer, identifying key pains and differentiators, and crafting value messaging that was used to align and enable all go-to-market channels. These have helped build the foundation for resellers to land a number of early sales
  • Engineering a Value Calculator based in customer pains, value and differentiation — and providing training sessions — enabled all go-to-market channels with a tool that elevates the credibility and justification of the solution and will expand access to an executive audience
  • Extensively researching the pricing and packaging models of 14+ competitors’ while accessing the Mereo Decision Maker Network for direct feedback provided objective and holistic actionable insight and direction for leadership to adopt a pricing model that will allow Nextworld to enter the marketplace competitively
  • Mentoring for marketing team contributed to a number of strategic and successful projects to start engaging limited, highly-targeted customers and generate buzz through messaging, developing a client advisory board (CAB) framework, holding industry webinars, optimizing SEO, researching competition and building a LinkedIn community
  • Sharing common philosophies and cultures of customer servitude — Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™ — Mereo principals and Nextworld leadership rapidly aligned efforts for cohesive project workflows and successful integration and project outcomes

“We needed to create buzz and credibility in the marketplace quickly as a new player. With Mereo’s support, we could hit the ground running. They have the experience, the industry knowledge and the professionalism to deliver a quicker time to value, meeting all timelines, no matter how aggressive.

Vice President of Business Development


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