Menlo Park, CA & Atlanta, GA

A Technology-focused Private Equity Investment Firm With Over $10 Billion Under Management

  • Operating company combines three complementary solutions offerings and over 1,400 software implementations, yet revenue growth had stagnated due to an ineffective approach to cross-selling/up-selling across combined solution portfolio
  • Growth model for increasing valuation of operating company predicated on delivering a more compelling value proposition that enhances pricing power, while effectively on-boarding a new wave of sales professionals
  • Enabled merged sales team with common sales process, solution playbook, differentiated value proposition and sales ready tools at global sales kickoff, within a four-week window, that included role-play exercises to reinforce go-to-market model
  • Created a new go-to-market strategy that enhanced marketing engagement and sales cycle conversations through employment of buyer-oriented messaging
  • Provided interim product marketing support to lead sales enablement initiative

“For Accel-KKR’s operating companies, there is often no more fundamental way to maximize institutional value than by accelerating top-line growth, and when it comes to revenue performance, Mereo brings the program and team to operationalize that in a tailored manner that delivers sustainable revenue growth. From due diligence counsel to operational execution in demand generation, solutions marketing and sales operations/enablement, Mereo is Accel-KKR’s go-to partner when it comes to sales and marketing services for our operating companies.”

Managing Operating Principal