Castellan is a ~$40 million business continuity and resilience software-as-a-service (SaaS) leader, owned by the private equity firm Resurgens Technology Partners.

LOCATION: Audubon, Pennsylvania & Atlanta, Georgia
INDUSTRY: Business Continuity and Resilience SaaS




  • Merging three companies without an alignment plan for the newly assimilated organization (e.g. brand identities, multiple products, buyer profiles, value propositions, sales processes)
  • Lacked value-based sales approach and skills, as well as a consistent sales process across the combined sales teams, which resulted in marketplace inconsistencies and confusion
  • Applying organizational rebrand across all product communications assets, internal- and external-facing, but missing consistent value-based messaging
  • Launching new flagship product which targets new buying personas and customer segments that salespeople were not currently successful or comfortable with engaging historically
  • Repositioning company to new market space that is less crowded with “ankle-biter” competitors


  • Crafted differentiated value messaging framework and corresponding Power Play™ Book and Power Play™ Sheets to support the rebranding and to align internal teams, which helped the organization enter the marketplace as a leader in a historically fractured space
  • Aligned sales teams and uplifted sales approach in conjunction with new branding through sales enablement sessions, exercises and role-plays as well as internal educational tools
  • Stepped in as interim product marketing leader for two months with an intimate familiarity and expertise in the organization, solutions and audiences, allowing teams to successfully collaborate on message reframing and updating, as well as giving leadership the right amount of time to recruit the best executive for the long-term
  • Delivered a series of 15+ customized, internal sales enablement / sales operation tools and sales enablement sessions, helping to align all sales-facing teams with the new flagship product strategy and to prepare them for strategic conversations with customers and prospects
  • Consolidated internally with consistent, united strategy, process and tools supported a successful product launch of the Castellan SaaS solution
  • Repositioned company to resilience management arena while establishing leadership in solution and vision

“The Mereo principals didn’t come in with a cookie cutter solution. They learned our business. They took the time to understand our market. They integrated with our teams — all the while bringing them together under one Castellan solution mindset and messaging. And they helped us reach our vision with as much investment as if they were one of us.”

Chief Marketing Officer


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