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A decade of seeking to serve part 2: Looking forward

Part 1 of our 10-year Anniversary blog post was centered around looking back and reminiscing about Mereo’s beginnings and the highlights over the past decade. I caught back up with Jay to take a look forward and discuss Mereo’s future for the next 10 years and beyond.

Jay, it was great hearing more about where Mereo has come from and what has been going on with you, the company and the market over the past 10 years. Now let’s look forward to the next 10 years for Mereo. Where do you see Mereo 10 years from now?

Really my hope is that in 10 years our goal will remain the same. I want to continue to build on serving customers. I want to see us following the original motivation of seeking to serve while multiplying who we reach. I would also like to see our team continue to grow. I don’t necessarily mean grow in numbers but grow in effectivity as they serve our clients so that they leave a lasting impact to help clients serve others as well.

More in the short term, what is your next goal or milestone for Mereo?

What I want to see happen, as I alluded to earlier, is see the team getting in a better position to work with clients and apply intellectual property in a more independent fashion. It is my hope that I can serve our team internally as they build and develop as service men and women and gain more opportunities to serve our clients more and more.

Let’s flip that question around, what is one thing about Mereo you hope changes?

One thing that has stayed more or less the same for Mereo is our clientele. We have been blessed to help serve some of the biggest and best companies in the world over the last 10 years, and I hope that doesn’t change any time soon. However, I would love the opportunity to serve smaller organizations than we typically do. The simple matter of the fact is that there are other firms that need us just as much as the larger organizations we serve. My hope is that we are able to stay out of our own way in pursuit of the other opportunities.

The one common thread that keeps being mentioned is staying true to what Mereo was founded around, serving rather than selling. What do you think is the key to remaining true to those values as Mereo continues to grow and change?

The answer is pretty simple: We have to stay true to doing what is best for our client. My original motivation was built around the vision of seeking to serve and not to sell. As long as we keep that the backbone of everything we do, we will continue to move forward just as we have for the past decade.

How do you plan to stay ahead of changes that happen in the industry?

The best asset we have are our customers, and the best way we can stay ahead and in-tune with the market is by listening to them. That is how you stay innovative and reduce completion. Also, we need to continue to balance our team with different points of view and various reference points to keep an edge on innovation. By listening to customers and valuing the opinions and ideas of our team, we can remain cutting edge and ahead of the curve.

What an incredible decade it has been for Jay and Mereo. If you missed part 1: Looking Back check it out here.