{B2B News Network} How to identify the right product differentiator to boost marketing and sales success

One of the biggest challenges for today’s seller is helping their buyer understand their product or service’s differentiator — in other words, what makes it  better than others that walk, talk, look and act like it.

None of us wishes for our solutions to be thought of as an imitator or second-best. We want our business to be in the forefront of our target buyer’s mind — our products or services gaining an unfair share™ of the market.

Think about your solution from a buyer’s perspective. When you are offered an option between yours and a competitor’s solution, what makes them different — truly different? Why will one perform better than the other? What makes one more valuable than the other? How does one serve you and your specific needs better?

Surely you have the answers about your own solution, but does your buyer?

Today’s B2B buyer is more empowered than ever before. They research your solutions deeper and seek a variety of options. Fifty-seven percent of the buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales (Corporate Executive Board).

While many sales and marketing leaders believe their company’s product or service is clearly differentiated, their key selling proposition may not be as obvious to those on the outside. And what some brands say differentiates their solutions may not make them as different — or compelling —to the specific buyer as they think.

In order to ensure buyers understand how your solution is different from others, you have to determine the key differentiators. These already exist, but it is a matter of crystalizing the most compelling differentiator for your solution and your buyer.

  1. Differentiator 1: Unique
    If your product offers a solution like no one has ever seen — bingo. You have a jumpstart on differentiation. Do not fret if your solution is not completely unique. Dig for that one thing about it that is truly different. Perhaps your business model increases your unique factor. Or a specific capability or your packaging or distribution channel. Dig deep and find that one thing that makes your product truly different from your competitions’.

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