Baylor and UAH Students Hired for Summer Internships

Austin, TX (May 2022) The Mereo team is pleased to announce the recent hire of two interns for the summer: Tyler Armstrong and Sydnie Jackson.

Tyler is a rising junior at Baylor University, majoring in Entrepreneurship / Corporate Innovation and Professional Selling. He joins Mereo for a sales internship and will assist Mereo clients with their sales programs, as well as build on his prospecting, marketing and social selling skills. Tyler plans to pursue a career in sales or consulting post-graduation.

“While interning with Mereo, I am working to expand my knowledge about the sales world, develop innovative marketing skills and learn all that I can with the Mereo team’s guidance,” Armstrong says. “One thing that I connected with while interviewing for this internship was the philosophy ‘Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™.’ I truly want to live this way throughout my career and serve the needs of others to the best of my abilities.”

Sydnie is a rising senior at The University of Alabama, Huntsville, majoring in Digital Marketing. She joins Mereo in a digital marketing role to help support Mereo social selling, content marking efforts and digital analytics reporting. Upon graduation, Sydnie plans to pursue a career in marketing.

“I have had great opportunities throughout my college career so far to build my copywriting and marketing skills. I’m excited to continue building these and learning as much as I can during my internship,” Jackson says. “One of the many reasons I applied for this internship was Mereo’s ‘Seek to Serve’ philosophy. When I decided to major in digital marketing, I liked the idea of forming relationships with clients and helping to make a meaningful long-term impact. I consider myself lucky to be able to learn from those who share my values.”

The Mereo summer internships will span from May until August.