Baylor student

Baylor Student Hired for Fall Internship

AUSTIN, TX (August 2017) Mereo’s philosophy has always been “Seek to serve, not to sell.” This simple phrase rings true in the internship program too. Mereo leadership believes internships invest in the future generation of professionals and is honored to work with students as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Mereo recently hired Davis Wolf, a marketing senior from Baylor University, to join the marketing team for the fall semester. Wolf has interned in a similar role doing business development work for One Network Enterprises, a software firm in Dallas over the summer, and he is excited to get more exposure to the marketing world with Mereo.

We asked him to share about his expectations for the internship.

“I am excited and anxious to start interning with Mereo. Their philosophy of “Seek to serve, not to sell” is not something you hear a lot in the business world. This is what makes Mereo unique and exponentially more marketable. I think my exposure to business development over the summer will help me be an asset to the team, and I cannot wait to learn more from their expertise as the semester goes on.”

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