Baylor Student Interns with Mereo

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (September 2015) Mereo strongly believes in the importance of student internships and the necessity of those entering the workforce to have hands-on experience.

“It is essential to offer students the opportunity to continue learning outside of the classroom and in a “real-world” setting. These students are the future of our organizations. Our intern relationships are a 2-way, learning street,” said President and founder of Mereo, Jay Mitchell. “They learn from our expertise, and they keep us informed on upcoming trends.”

This summer, Mereo had the privilege of working with Baylor senior marketing student, Kendra Moody. Moody assisted in a variety of projects—wrote and edited company content, performed social media marketing, researched crucial business trends and much more. Throughout the summer Kendra became an asset to the Mereo team.

We asked Kendra to share about her experience…

Mereo has surpassed all my expectations.

When you do any business with Mereo, from the start it’s a team effort. With every conversation I had and project I was assigned there was a purpose and meaning behind it, and Jay and Chelsey made sure I understood that. While working with Mereo, I never once felt like I was just an intern because I was given responsibilities that would influence the company. The research I did was implemented, and the writing pieces I helped edit and write went live on the company website.

My favorite project, so far, was helping principal Joel Reed launch and finish a blog series on the website. I gained so much knowledge from helping plan the series, editing the content and and creating graphics. It was a cool project to see from beginning to end. I also enjoyed sharing the series on LinkedIn and Twitter and engaging with business professionals. There’s so much that goes into launching a weekly blog series, and it was an incredible experience to take lead on such a project.

This experience with Mereo has ultimately given me so much confidence before I go into the workplace. I’ve always been intimidated by the workplace, but it’s because of the tasks that Jay and Chelsey have entrusted to me that I feel more confident going into my professional future.

Are you looking to boost your resume and gain some hands-on experience in marketing and/or sales? Send your resume to We are always looking for hard-working, eager-to-learn individuals.