Summer Internship Sales

Baylor Triple Major Hired for Summer Sales Internship

AUSTIN, TX (July 2020) The Mereo team is excited to announce the recent hire of Austin Greene, a rising Baylor University senior majoring in Professional Selling, Entrepreneurship and International Business, for a summer sales internship. Austin is working alongside Mereo president Jay Mitchell and other Principals to support Mereo clients and their sales programs, as well as shadowing Mereo leaders to learn through observation.

“My internship at Mereo has been an eye opener to the sales world. We have been working with clients to build-out more efficient sales programs that will be implemented into their team training, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes of making a sales strategy successful,” says Greene.

“Through the experience I’ve had at Mereo, I’ve learned how important the sales enablement strategies of a business are in maintaining and continuing advancement. As this summer goes on, I continue to enhance my professionalism by seeing how Jay and the Mereo team interact with executive clients. The philosophy Seek to Serve, Not to Sell™ is truly part of the foundation of this company and is prevalent daily practice. The knowledge I’ve collected during my time here is something that will be incorporated into my foundation as a sales professional.”

Austin will be going into a sales role post-graduation and is grateful for this opportunity at Mereo.

During this difficult time in the world, we know how important it is to continue to push the development of businesses and professionals in this environment. Although many internships were cancelled this summer, Mereo’s belief of investing in the future generation of professionals still rings true.

“I highly encourage anyone who is interested in sales and/or marketing to apply,” says Greene. “This hands-on experience can be hard to find, and is important for any hard-working, eager-to-learn individual to encounter.”

If interested, send your resume to