coronavirus spring break reading list

Coronavirus ‘Extended Spring Break’ Reading List

One of the most popular blog posts we do is recommended readings lists for the holidays or spring break for selling organization leaders.

With spring break approaching, we began assembling this spring break reading list — but that was quickly derailed with the coronavirus-triggered impact to business and personal life alike.

So whether you are looking for a reason to pile-up in the corner of the house to get a break from kids home from school on an extended spring break or you need a little “social distancing” — here are some recommendations I have personally read and hand-selected for you. Enjoy!

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, et. al)

Crucial Conversations is the How to Talk so Kids Will Listen book for the business world. When there is a high-stake conversation to be had with a peer or an employee — or even a leader — you want to be sure you approach it in a fair, effective way that avoids anger or hurt feelings. You want to invoke positive change. And this book provides the strategy and tools to do so.

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And if this book makes impact on your leadership and your organization’s communication, explore leveling it up with the Crucial Conversations training.



coronavirus spring break reading

Sales Enablement by Tamara Schenk and Byron Matthews

Sales enablement is a hot topic in todays selling environment. But tell me this, how would you define this overarching topic? What strategies does your organization have in place?

In this book, Sales Enablement, Tamara Schenk and Byron Matthews break down this massive and high-potential growth strategy to practicable, implementable best practices and step-by-step approaches.

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And for a sneak peak, look to author and expert Tamara Schenk’s past blog takeover on Mereo.


spring break reading list coronavirus
The Joy Model by Jeff Spadafora

If you are a Christian business leader, you may have come head-to-head with the frustration management consultant Jeff Spadafora speaks to in his book: Joy is missing from your faith. Spadafora offers a better way to practice your faith that will benefit both your personal and professional life. It comes from balancing your practical and spiritual sides, from experiencing more than knowing. It helps you find peace and purpose. And it has the potential to greatly inspire your leadership style in positive ways. I know it has for me.

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Now tell me: What did you think about the books? Are there any at the top of your list from this past year? Give me a shout on the Mereo LLC page


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