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Deliver RICH Virtual Content: Part IV — Is your content supported by proof?

Virtual Content Messaging Without Proof Lose Urgency and Credibility

Most buyers come from a place of doubt. In fact, most humans operate from this framework, surely from a long-ago survival mechanism. And really it makes sense: multiple sellers can often over-inundate buyers with equally high-quality messaging which have few key points of differentiation. Buying solutions often means hefty investments and breaking well-embedded status quos. It can be hard to know who to trust or what to truly act on, just as it can be hard to confidently tell a buyer that they need a specific solution and that they need to act fast without something real to support it.

Back-up Your Virtual Content With Proof
Bring Your Messages Home With the Impact of Hard Data

Credibility is established with information, such as regulatory changes and current industry trends. Most importantly, hard data often comes in sharing client value stories, which share a truly relevant tale that packs a punch of proof. What have others like the prospect done to solve similar issues? What insights do those examples yield? How comfortable are your teams in sharing relevant examples in every conversation? 

According to a recent Forrester study, when B2B buyers were asked which content is most credible and impactful for them, 71% agreed client value stories were most credible. However, as many as 78% of executive buyers claim that salespeople do not have relevant client examples to share. It is vital you assess your repository of client value stories — as well as your sellers’ accessibility and comfort to yield these.


  • Are there new industry regulations and implications you can address and help solve?
  • Are your metrics reports providing meaningful data and insight or are they rather just a stylish iteration of numbers?
  • Which clients could your prospect speak with that would offer peer perspective? What would those clients share with your prospect?

Seek to Serve™ Virtually Everywhere

Prepare your teams now to engage with relevance, innovation, complexities and hard proof in a virtual setting — and reap the benefits a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and value.



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