Dordt College Student Hired for Spring Internship

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (January 2015) Mereo’s business model places a high regard on serving others, and this concept is also relevant in their internship program. Mereo believes interning is a great way to invest in the future generation of professionals, and is honored to work with students as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Mereo recently hired Karli Tholen, a marketing and international business senior from Dordt College, to join the team for the spring semester. Tholen has had other marketing internships, but she is excited to learn more about Mereo’s B2B marketing environment.

We asked her to share about her expectations for the internship.

“I am excited and expectant about my internship with Mereo. I have experience interning in a B2C environment, but I am unfamiliar with the B2B model that Mereo follows. It will be beneficial to learn how to create social media strategies and organize marketing materials with more of a B2B mindset. Another one of the aspects that attracted me to Mereo is their ‘Seek to Serve not to Sell’ principle that is at the forefront of their business. I am interested in seeing how that differentiates Mereo from its competitors and aids in the success of both the clients and Mereo.”

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