To grow, be stagnant or contract — which do you want for your B2B?

There are three things you can be doing: growing, remaining stagnant or contracting.

It is always better to be growing.

In business. In service. In strength and knowledge.

If you are stagnant, you will begin contracting quickly. And unless you are contracting strategically — selling off parts of your business to make the overall business more profitable or lessening your life load to do one thing really well — you will experience loss.

While all this is true, growth may be out of your hands. Macroeconomics may not support the growth you want for a number of years. The growth in your personal life may be stalled by an obstacle from a family member or friend, from a missed opportunity or unknown.

Yet you continue on and you adapt. And you read up on how to strategically grow in your B2B business.


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