Solna, Sweden & Folsom, CA

Privately-held, Global Integrated ERP, WMS and Supply Chain Distribution Software Solution Provider Backed by Leading Private Equity Firm (Symphony Technology Group)
Company re-branded as IPTOR in 2016

  • Evaluating investment / acquisition credence in current software partnership including new buying audiences and streamlined sales cycle led primarily via web-based sales
  • Limited marketing and sales operations capacity and capability to effectively execute marketing, sales and product due diligence in new market segment
  • Created a comprehensive assessment of the go-to-market viability of potential acquisition, executed within an expedited three-week window, while identifying risks and upside opportunities
  • Produced integration plan for assimilating acquisition and launching to the market including media / analyst relations strategy, messaging framework, sales ready tools and sales enablement curriculum

“In order to expand our value proposition to the market, our investors and Board were exploring a potential extension to our footprint through partnership and / or acquisition. The Mereo team helped guide us through the due diligence efforts with a keen focus on the true go-to-market efforts required to garner a return from the investment of scarce resources. In the end, with Mereo’s counsel, we were able to identify the right strategy because we didn’t just look at the financial model but truly assessed the revenue performance potential and aligned our go-to-market model accordingly.”

Chief Marketing Officer