Revenue performance

Why revenue performance–based objectives drive more success for your B2B organization

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Business-to-business organizations tend to segment goals by department. The marketing department focuses on goals to generate leads. The sales department undertakes closing deals. The product department’s charter is a successful solution launch.

This seems logical enough, but these separate goals often create unconnected — and disjointed — efforts by all parties involved, such as:

  • Key information is not agreed upon or supported by everyone across your B2B organization.
  • Marketing does not generate the right leads.
  • Sales ignores the leads marketing generates and/or spends time generating their own or missing connections.
  • Product management fails to leverage lighthouse clients in the product launch beyond use validation and quality testing.

Most of all, these separate goals fail to reflect the overall buyer’s perspective and journey, which does not distinguish between marketing, sales, product, services and more, but rather expects a cohesive, compelling experience with your organization and solutions.

Revenue Performance Objectives Align Your Organization and Focus Your Team Members.  

When you bring your departments together with one revenue performance objective, you shift the mindset of all parties involved. All functions of the organization agree on important information regarding the target buyer, the value proposition and more, because they are aligned by a common compass – revenue performance.

When it comes down to it, all organizations are working toward one thing: To achieve sustainable revenue performance.

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And Revenue Performance Goals Do Not Just Mean Growth

Maybe your B2B organization has been growing for years — but you have your sights set on acquiring new, relevant businesses. Maybe you want to work on generating better-quality buyers for your solutions that equate to more profitable revenues.

A revenue performance objective can set a realistic, measurable path for your entire organization — one sales, marketing, product and everyone else in-between can strive for and stand behind confidently.

Stay tuned later this month to learn how to create and share a revenue performance–based objective for your B2B business. Or, contact me at to review how revenue performance goals can apply to your business specifically.