revenue performance

Revenue Performance Concerns Every Employee

Revenue performance is not just for the C-suite of leaders in a business-to-business organization. More so, it does not involve just sales or marketing, though sales and marketing are core pillars upholding the company’s revenue performance.

Every single person in a company has a stake in revenue performance — and they all play a part.

Like the old adage says: “Nothing happens until someone sells something.”

This essentially means that every single person is either assisting sales or is selling to the customer. You need finance to help determine the price. You need the marketing and product teams to develop a compelling value proposition. You need human resources to help hire the best people to connect with your customers. You need sales to lead the sales pursuits. And that is just scratching the surface.

Think about revenue performance in terms of building a tractor on an assembly line. There are dozens upon dozens of people who put their hands on that machine, from turning a screw to cutting a part to painting the metal, to testing and fulfillment. If one of those people failed to participate and fulfill their role, the tractor would fall apart on the customer. But when everyone works together, the tractors smoothly roll into the customers’ fields and the company makes money — thanks to everyone’s united efforts.

Likewise, when every single person in your organization starts to think in terms of revenue performance and adjusts their efforts and actions based on that, your entire organization aligns on a goal everyone benefits from reaching.