SEEK2SERVE SPOTLIGHT: Mereo Principal Joel Reed seeks to serve at his alma mater, Penn State

Serving clients and colleagues is central to who Mereo is. Because of this, we regularly spotlight organizations and individuals taking customer service to the next level. Through this we hope to learn from and applaud those who are making this counter-cultural way of business central to what they do.

Our philosophy of seek to serve extends far beyond the sphere of business for our principals — it is part of our values, impacting our professional and personal lives.

Mereo principal Joel Reed puts these words into practice at his alma mater, Penn State.

Joel joined the Graduates of Earth and Mineral Sciences (GEMS) alumni board in 2010. He has since become the active president. As such, he helps lead initiatives that serve prospective, current and past students beyond the average university’s efforts.

To provide Penn Staters and Penn Staters-to-be meaningful value, Joel and others on the GEMS alumni board write letters, meet in-person, and offer their perspectives and advice.

In an interview with Penn State News, Joel said:

“The most rewarding part of being on the GEMS board for me has been the opportunity to interact with students and faculty. I get to know students when I write them letters before they come to Penn State, and I get to see them all the way through their degree program and help connect them with people to provide them with career advice.”

Members of the GEMS alumni board experienced similar above-and-beyond support when they were beginning their educational journeys at Penn State. The service they received from others has inspired them to give back to the current prospects and students.

In the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (EMS), students get far more than an education — they get the resources, support and community that helps them thrive to make goals and meet those goals.

Joel and others are looking forward to the 2017-18 academic year when they plan to continue to expand the GEMS board capabilities to serve students by starting a formal mentoring program that will pair graduating seniors with past alumni in their respective field.


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