Surge into 2020 on the marketplace’s pulse

If I am a sales leader, what should I be doing in the final weeks leading up to the new year?

It may be a good time to revisit past losses and refine value messaging and differentiators. But it also is equally important to look for the opportunities and threats the next year will bring for your B2B organization. And this means looking at where the market is headed.

Your Own Primary Research Initiatives

As a leader you should always be attuned to industry and marketplace news and reports, and there are many great industry thought leaders and navigators to help. But for greater, more specific insight into your selling world, consider venturing out on your own as well. This means gathering your own primary data.

While this sounds scary and a bit like a school assignment from day’s past, it can actually be a natural, enjoyable journey.

This simply amounts to taking the time to have conversations with your existing buyers and the high value prospective clients. Ask to take your buyer out to coffee or lunch. Try to go above and beyond an intrusive email or phone call and take a moment to build more value and gain greater insights for the future. Meet your buyer on their turf, on their conditions, where and when it is easiest for them.

And these interactions should not revolve around your B2B organization’s 2020 plans. I challenge you to not say a thing about your business unless your buyer outright asks. Instead focus on them. Ask:

  • What are their initiatives for the coming year?
  • What are their concerns, pains and fears into this new year?
  • What is standing in their way?
  • What opportunities look promising?

With this firsthand market pulse research, you will be able to tailor your entire organization’s sales strategy, planning, messaging and conversations around real and relevant data. Go above and beyond — and surge ahead into 2020.

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