Should You Be Planning for a Virtual 2021 Sales Kickoff?

Face-to-face interactions are the pinnacle of not only business but what it means to be a human. In-person garners greater
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virtual business practices

The Future of Your Organization Is Virtual — at Least Partially

The economy has been reopening — and with that comes the expectation of offices reopening their doors too. There are
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Summer Internship Sales

Baylor Triple Major Hired for Summer Internship

AUSTIN, TX (July 2020) The Mereo team is excited to announce the recent hire of Austin Greene, a rising Baylor University
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Seek to serve

Seek to Serve Spotlight: How HireBetter Remained Relevant During a Worldwide Talent Upheaval

Once COVID-19 hit in early 2020, companies around the world pushed pause on hiring. In fact, for many the situation
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frictionless selling

Frictionless Selling in 2020 Translates to Frictionless Buying

Our modern selling environment has buyers in more control than ever. In fact, CSO Insights uncovered that 70.2% of B2B
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COVID-19 Supply Chain

Business Leaders Face Difficult Supply Chain Decisions Ahead

In early May 2020, Mereo principals shared seven predictions of COVID-19's lasting impacts on go-to-market organizations. One of these predictions
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New findings: Sales enablement programs lacking formality may be worse than no program at all

New findings: Sales enablement programs lacking formality may be worse than no program at all

Sales enablement has been a vital business strategy for the past decade, but many programs remain in their infancy. In
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Sales Enablement Strategy

Value Messaging Buckets Transform Idealistic Strategy into Realistic Sales Enablement

This is a blog takeover by Steven Goas, sales enablement pioneer at TD Ameritrade. The right value proposition messaging can work
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sales and marketing budgets

Redeploy Your Budget for 2H 2020 Revenue Rebound

At late 2019 and early 2020 sales kickoffs and strategy meetings, leadership came to the table with winning ideas for
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coronavirus impacts

Principal Predictions: The Legacy of the Coronavirus on GTM Organizations

While companies prepare for the “Revenue Rebound” as the coronavirus pandemic evolves and eventually slows, I turned to my team
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