Make Your Revenue Plan Come True With a Risk Assessment

By now, heads of sales everywhere have their revenue plans in place for 2024. And whether or not you took part in the creation of the plan, as the head of sales you now own the commitment to see it through for your team, your investors and your organization.

But your plan is only good as its weakest link. What would happen to your organization, your people, your own role, if the revenue plan is not met and that could be avoided?

Last year 49% of companies were adjusting their growth projections already in March. This year, 70% of companies, too, are seeing average deal sizes flatten or shrink. You cannot rely on one big deal to help you hit the target.

You can set your organization up to stay on track to meet — and exceed — your plan by training your eye on key revenue operation KPIs. A risk assessment exposes your risks and helps you keep a pulse on performance. We’ll show you how.


From win rates and deal sizes to market size and average churn, a number of KPIs, metrics and assumptions can give you insight into your risks and opportunities in meeting your revenue plan and achieving sustainable performance. Yet many heads of sales don’t know these numbers.

Can you answer these questions about where your team hits on a revenue plan risk assessment?

Funnel Conversion Rates
What do your conversation rates need to be to meet your plan? Did they fall in 2023?

Ideal Client Profile
Do you know who your best client targets are?

Ratio of Revenue from New Logos versus Clients
What percentage of your revenue is coming from new logos? What percentage from existing client?

Headcount Turnover
Are you appropriately covering your market territory?

Did you raise your rates in 2023? Can you do it again in 2024?

Quota Attainment
What are you counting on in 2024? In an Ebsta report, 73% of reps missed quota.


If you have a clear line of sight on what you and your team must do to meet the revenue plan, great. If you are headed into this year not fully aware of the assumptions in your plan and hoping for the best, let’s talk.

Our experts can help you take charge of meeting your revenue plan by bringing to light hidden assumptions and risks.

Sign up for a free two-hour plan review with our leading B2B revenue planning expert. We will help you develop a risk assessment and see where your team stands for making your revenue plans come true.