Meet Mereo: Chelsey Nugteren

This summer I am going to spend some time with each of Mereo’s principals to provide a behind-the-scenes look at these seasoned professionals, what they bring to the Mereo team and some fun facts about their lives. Today, Mereo’s new copywriter, Kelsey Barnett-Fischels interviewed me, Chelsey Nugteren.

How did you get in this industry?

I started out at a small online marketing agency in South Dakota, called ClickRain. I appreciated the agency’s size at that time (they have grown substantially since I was employed there) as I was able to have a hand in so many key components of the online world. I then had the opportunity to work for a large, global nonprofit, and there I learned much more about corporate marketing and traditional media. I wanted to do more with the skills I gained in content strategy and creation — I wanted to be able to help more businesses, clients, and people — so I set out with my own marketing consulting business. And that’s where I met Mereo and became a member of their growing team.

What is your area of expertise?

Content strategy. Behind every communication, I believe there should be a plan. And that plan should help achieve a goal. I put my expertise to work for Mereo by planning out online content that clients will value and that will help share Mereo’s core competencies.

What are you most excited about as you continue to grow into your role as part of the Mereo team?

I love being tasked with taking the brilliance of Mereo and establishing it online to share with others. Mereo is made up of so many talented people who have passion for helping other companies succeed — and I’m excited about continuing to build Mereo’s online credibility by telling their stories. I look forward to creating more content that lets Mereo shine and provides value to its clients.

What is your favorite Mereo success story?

Just one? I can think of several throughout my nearly two years with Mereo. Each one has shown me how what Mereo is doing is making an impact. My personal successes are when I hear a client has read one of our pieces in a partner publication, or when Jay is able to direct a client to one of our articles for guidance. I love it when the content we are creating is serving our readers.

What sets Mereo apart from its competitors?

From the moment I joined the team, I discovered the authentic and genuine qualities of Mereo. Their “Seek to Serve, Not to Sell” tagline was so much more than something they stamp on their website — it is the lifeblood of who they are. Mereo truly is out to serve their clients first. Relationships are more important to them than profits. Even when a contract ends or project is complete, Mereo views their client relationships as continuous and ongoing — always available to answer questions or provide insight. I’ve also never been a part of a company that is so intensely hands-on. Mereo isn’t just providing ideas and direction. They are physically present, doing everything from creating PowerPoint decks to facilitating meetings. They truly become part of a team to help them meet their goals. I love being a part of something I believe so strongly in. Mereo improves every client it touches, and I’m excited to continue to create an online presence that represents this.

What are some of your hobbies?

Does changing diapers and playing peek-a-boo count? 😀 My toddler keeps me on my toes, but outside of learning how to be a mama, I love to write for my my personal blog, Alive in Grace, go camping with my family, cook and travel to new places whenever I get the chance. We live near some of the greatest trails in Iowa, and enjoy biking and hiking when the snow isn’t flying.

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