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Meet Mereo: Harry Goodnight

This summer I am going to be spending some time with each of Mereo’s principals to provide a behind the scenes look at these seasoned professionals, what they bring to the Mereo team and some fun facts about their lives. Today I am going to be talking to Mereo Principal, Harry Goodnight. {Chelsey}

How did you get into this industry?

In 1980, after being a successful musician for a number of years (till age 26), I saw how technology was changing the human race.  The Apple II computer was becoming quite popular, as was the IBM PC.  Financially, the prospects for my music career were diminishing, and I could see great opportunity in computers and technology.

So, I went to college at California State University, Northridge and pursued a degree in Computer Mathematics – a combination Computer Science and Applied Mathematics – with the purpose of going to work in industry with my new technical skills.

In 1985, my 5th year of college (my degree is practically a double major), I was hired by Hughes Aircraft in El Segundo CA to be their computer simulation expert.

Hughes was manufacturing night vision systems for the military, and wanted to use computer simulations of manufacturing operations to better predict and control cost and revenue performance.  I ended up simulating nearly all of Hughes manufacturing operations and helped them save millions of dollars by justifying their cost bids to their general contractors.

Later, I went to work for Pritsker Corporation, the company that created the simulation software I used for simulation analysis.   As a senior consultant Pritsker, I sold, and implemented, this technology to create manufacturing Master Scheduling systems for companies such as TRW Space & Defense and Samsung Electronics.

Around this time (1990-1992), a new discipline called Supply Chain Management (SCM) was beginning to be discussed in industry.  Some of the companies I was speaking to began to ask me to create simulation and scheduling systems for manufacturing and distribution across a multi-tier, multi-company network.

In 1995, a little company called Intellection – later to become i2 Technologies –  hired me as their 60th employee to help sell their new supply chain software as 1 of 5 senior Sales Consultants (SCs).

In 1994, i2 had just achieved $10M in revenue.  By year 2000, i2 achieved $1.2B in revenue and had grown to service hundreds of companies across the globe.

By successfully closing many sales opportunities, and with a passion for helping hire, develop and manage new SCs, I became the Senor Vice President of Worldwide Sales Consulting for the company,  and was privileged to lead a group of 540 sales consultants.   The Sales Consulting (SC) group’s job consisted of bringing value to customers in over 15 different industries, by teaming with sales people to sell i2’s software and services.  SCs also created a lot of the sales assets – presentations, demonstrations, and value proof – used by the SC group as well as by sales people.  We also helped create the sales methodology for i2 and were responsible for delivering training to the sales force and the SC force.

In short – Sales Consultants were responsible for a large portion of i2’s Sales Enablement.

My personal concern and passion during my time at i2 was to enable revenue through rapidly scaling Sales Assets, Skills & Methodologies, and, lastly, the Sales & SC organization, ultimately to provide value to i2’s customers.

I met Jay Mitchell during my time at i2.  Jay became responsible for the methodology we used at i2 to enable its rapid growth and revenue enablement.

After i2, Jay asked me to consult with him at Mereo for Revenue Enablement services.  With Mereo, I have performed revenue enablement services for several companies including OKI Data, e2open, GT Nexus, SAP/Successfactors, and Ace Hardware.

What expertise do you bring to Mereo?

First of all, I learned to place my emphasis on providing value to customers.  My primary way of providing value has been to combine Supply Chain Management and Revenue Enablement expertise.

Secondly, I have sold (and helped others sell) hundreds of millions of dollars of services and software.  I know the challenges of selling complex solutions to complex companies.

Thirdly, I have helped grow small companies to very large companies through effective revenue enablement.

Lastly, I have been blessed to experience providing value to customers and help my colleagues, employees and customers successfully provide value to their customers.

What is your favorite part of being on the Mereo team?

The quality of the people on the Mereo team, together with complete alignment with Mereo’s methodology, goals and objectives to provide value for our customers.

What is your favorite client success story?

One of my favorites was to enable e2open’s successful IPO in 2012 through successful training of 40 new sales reps within a 6 month period.   This training included industry-specific sales assets for Supply Chain Execution, as well as assets explaining effective Vendor Managed Inventory.

Where do you go for insight and thought leadership?

  1. My many colleagues from my years in the industry who post regularly on LinkedIn and other forums.  I have been blessed to work with the very best.
  2. Geoffrey Moore and his insights on how we provide the greatest value to customers by providing services (SaaS, Paas, Iaas, XaaS) that ensure their success.
  3. Lora Cecere and her superb work on the state of the art of Supply Chain Management.
  4. Mohamed El-Erian for insights into global economic issues.
  5. Ian Bremmer for global political perspectives.
  6. The Wall Street Journal.
  7. The Economist Magazine.

What sets Mereo apart from its competitors?

In 90 days or less, no one but Mereo provides Sales teams with the right assets, methodology, and skills to have a successful first sales discussion that differentiates value to the right buying executive, and leads to a successful close.

What are some of your hobbies?

  • RVing with my wife (see picture below from the Santa Cruz Redwoods).
  • Writing, playing, and listening to music of all genres.
  • Here are a few links to music arrangements I wrote and conducted for Ray Charles (back in the day).  Ray had me arrange and conduct a 40 piece orchestra.