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{SMM Article} What B2B marketers can learn from B2C

AUSTIN, TX (April 2019) Mereo President, Jay Mitchell, recently has had the honor of sharing thought leadership in the prestigious print magazine Sales and Marketing Management.

In his article, titled “What B2B marketers can learn from B2C,” Mitchell addressed who should take responsibility for keeping the pulse on the market, as well as gathering, optimizing and internally dispersing insights within an organization. These essential tasks are often overlooked or misplaced.

Mitchell goes on to share the status quo of market research and insights, why CMOs should take on this responsibility and the most-effective cadence and method to sharing these market insights with others, especially in terms of sales enablement.

Here is an expert:

B2B organizations can gain a better pulse on the market in a few ways:

  • Sales invites marketing to participate in buyer interactions — Marketing is able to gain and maintain a pulse on the market through firsthand interactions, and sales provides marketing the opportunity to do so on a regular basis when it will be most valuable to winning the sales cycle. Net, marketing adds value to sales and is invited to help more — gaining invaluable buyers insights along the way.

To read the other two compelling points and the entire article, visit Sales and Marketing Management online.


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