Mereo Principals Featured in Industry-Leading Publications: May – July 2019

AUSTIN, TX (July 2019) — We are pleased to share that Mereo president, Jay Mitchell, has been featured on the industry-leading Selling Power blog in both May and June, and the May/June Issue of Sales and Marketing Management magazine. See how his insights are impacting the industry:

Can You Improve Your Frictionless Selling Approach?

The spirit of frictionless selling hits the mark: How can we make it as easy as possible for our buyers to move through their journeys?

Yet, when we think of frictionless selling, we must consider a key element that will continue to hinder sales and marketing teams from achieving this noble and effective goal, and that is the underlying objective to buy from us and choose our solutions – to “pick me, pick me!”

As long as our goals remain to sell to the buyer rather than to serve the buyer, frictionless selling will fail to amount to an easier buying process and consistent resulting sales. But, if we can truly put buyers first and make their journey as seamless and valuable as possible, then we can manage the true intent of frictionless selling.

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How to Create a Winning Business Proposal

A business proposal holds the power to win over buyers. It is your best salesperson in the form of a document, because it is on hand for buyers to share with all relevant stakeholders, and it contains your business’ solutions and capabilities.

 Every business proposal presents you an opportunity to truly serve the buyer with real value. Yet most business proposals suffer from a few common pitfalls.

 First, many proposals fail to deliver what a prospect needs. Your prospect’s needs and your own needs are usually very different. And, ultimately, it is vital sellers change to meet buyer expectations if they wish to prove their value and land deals.

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Three Pillars of Effective Marketing

Marketing plays a more vital role than ever in the buying process. A majority of B2B buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before even connecting with a seller (Accenture, 2018). Yet 90% of buyers are willing to engage sellers earlier if the seller is providing real value (CSO Insights, 2019).

Buyers are consumers first and foremost, and they have come to expect a similar buying experience when it comes to their B2B environment, where the seller provides insights and content that prove they understand the buyer and their needs.

How can marketers prove they understand their target buyers and that their company can serve them with relevant solutions? In order to engage a target buyer in the buying journey and keep them engaged, marketers must focus their best efforts on three pillars.

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We are also pleased to share that Mereo principal Joel Reed has been featured in the July edition of Top Sales Magazine:

top sales magazine

The State of Revenue Performance Presents an Opportunity for B2B Sellers                

The performance of the top companies around the globe can be a telling sign of our current economic environment — and an insightful opportunity for where sellers can Seek to Serve™ their buyers.

 In Mereo’s fifth annual revenue performance report of Fortune 500, Global 500 and Russell 2000 companies for the 2017/2018 fiscal years, we have uncovered results not seen since before the 2007/2008 recessionary period — signs of positive growth in top companies.

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