Practice Year-End Reflections — Year-Round

For selling organizations, the year-end often translates into a mad dash to meet goals. With enough focus, effort and willpower, some organizations are able to spin what seem like miracles in the final weeks. Deals that dragged on without decisions finally land. Year-ahead business decisions are squared away. Quotas are met and exceeded at the eleventh hour.

Yet rather than procrastinating for the year-end home stretch, effective business leaders reset and recalibrate as they go for a smoother finish. They avoid being so rigid that they are unable to make adjustments throughout the year. Just imagine what you and your organization could accomplish if it operated with the urgency and purpose of the final hours on a year-round basis.

I challenge you to make the adjustments to do just that. Take these final weeks of the year to consider how you can regularly practice year-end reflections, the resets, the “full speed ahead” buzz throughout 2022.

Schedule a Quarterly Reflection

I like to use September 1 as my time for year-end reflections – what I call my “vision day” (or retreat as it has become). It has always been an ideal time to set my intentions and seek guidance. I talk to God first, and then to my wife, friends, mentors and coaches. Now after the unprecedented disruptions of the past couple years, I have challenged myself to take these temperature checks at least quarterly in 2022.

Set a calendar note for yourself. Throughout 2022 keep a closer pulse on your intentions, your direction, your goals and your current progress. How can you adjust? How can you lead your teams differently to do better? Who can you talk to throughout the year for more-regular guidance? These quarterly reflections can help you and your teams make great strides well before the end of 2022.

Reflect on Success to Measure Success

Benchmarking progress against goals drives the usual year-end rush. As such, this too will be a key part of your quarterly reflections. At Mereo, we look at our clients as an extension of our business — so when their year-end is successful, so is ours. If our support and engagements throughout the year are helping our clients win an unfair share™ of the market, then we are keeping on track for a success year-end.

How can you measure your current and future success? Set benchmarks and keep tabs on how your business is serving its buyers throughout 2022. In subscription models, explore how you can track and use customer health scores. Then use these insights to respond and adapt as needed throughout the year.

Celebrate Your Wins Often

Small wins are what lead to hitting the larger milestones. As basketball hall of famer Tim Duncan says: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

With 79% of employees indicating that they have left their positions due to feeling under-appreciated, celebrating is both relevant and important. Incorporate gratitude into your leadership practice. Provide incentives and rewards. Take the time to recognize those who have earned it. Financial incentives matter. Genuine, verbal acknowledgements last forever.

Here Is to Your Success in 2022

In 2022, consider how you can lead more-meaningful change for yourself, your teams and organization, and your buyers. A culture that Seeks to Serve, Not to Sell™ stands out in a selling environment that has become more void of relationships and trust. Encouraging your teams to put your buyers and their needs first will not just help you win more in 2022 — but these time and relationship investments will more-so help you win long into the future for sustainable revenue performance. Get the free guide and share it with your teams for maximum value and sustainable gains in 2022.