{SMM Article} Reading every day can help position you as your buyer’s trusted advisor

There are endless blogs you can read on how to be a better salesperson. Do a quick Google search on the topic and you will find list upon list of tricks, hacks and sales “secrets” to closing deals and making millions. Sure, there is merit to some of these short cuts and quick tips; heck, we have a blog of our own sharing techniques that work for us. But if, in your limited free time, you could read one thing, we recommend seeking out reading materials on your buyer’s industry instead.

According to a CSO Insights report, just 47 percent of salespeople believe they understand the buyer’s situation before pitching a solution. This means over half of salespeople are pitching solutions to problems they don’t understand – at an industry level or a specific company situation level. How can you really understand your solution if you don’t understand the problem it is solving? Are you in this shocking majority? If so, it’s time to transition from run-of-the-mill salesperson to trusted advisor.

Know Your Customer’s Industry

A trusted advisor is a salesperson buyers want to keep around. A trusted advisor knows their buyer – their personal and professional pains. They know their industry and their business (not just the piece they are involved in) and are the first to share relevant insights and information on the industry…

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