Selling Status Quo

{Top Sales Magazine} Overcome Selling Status Quo for Buyer/Seller Harmony

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We often focus solely on buyer challenges — but sellers face challenges too. And sellers’ internal pains can obstruct their ability to truly offer a valuable experience to positively solve buyers’ pains in the first place.

Selling organizations exist on the assumption that their buyers have challenges they want to overcome which become insufferable to the point the buyer (and their organization) determine it is time to address the “pains.” With a pain, a seller can develop and offer a coveted and valuable solution. Without a pain, selling would be based on luck or mistake — and certainly would not be sustainable.

This pain-solution tension rests on two competing realities:

  1. Buyer pains are often not recognized or are simply ignored, so “status quo” wins as buyers do not feel the urge nor can justify investing in a solution.
  2. Sellers have solutions to buyer pains but are often too pressured to “hit their quota” to take the time to help the buyer understand and embrace their pains.

Thus, when a seller does not patiently and thoughtfully walk the buyer journey with their prospects, a pain is never identified or realized. And without a pain, as already stated, there is no justification for a buyer to invest in a solution. No valuable transaction occurs. Zero value is exchanged.

And while this may sound like a “tough life, this is just how it is” situation, at Mereo we are pushing back on this and shining a spotlight directly on this often tip-toed around selling status quo. Let us take a moment to not focus outward on your prospects’ and buyers’ own harmful status quos and instead own our status quos holding us back in the sales world.

Once we are through identifying these top ignored selling challenges, only then will we be able to share the harmonious solution to win an unfair share™ of the market and attain sustainable revenue performance.

Find the entire article on pages 18-19 of the Top Sales Magazine November Issue.