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{Top Sales Magazine} Revenue Rebound: Plan Now to Sell Later

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the business climate has been disrupted in an unprecedented manner.

There have been a number of reactions to the disruptions. Some of the more common in B2B I am witnessing are that leadership and employees alike are taking a reduction in pay and hours, with others turning to furloughs or layoffs to manage cash flow constraints. There just is not the same level of work to be done for most parties. Customers are home, and there is less access to buyers for “selling time.”

Right when disruption hit, most of us took a pause to assess the situation and get our footing. We paid attention to our loved ones and households, and we looked to world leaders to see where this was headed next. In reality, there was limited clarity, only projections and caution as we waited out what we hope is the worst health crisis we will witness in our lifetimes.

Yet, even amidst these unsettling and uncertain times, we know the situation will not last forever. Across the globe, states and countries are starting to ease social distancing guidelines and re-opening businesses. And in the aftermath, true organizational leaders will stand out in the marketplace for how they respond to the “Revenue Rebound,” resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

How they manage to do so depends heavily on the actions they have taken in the midst of the uncertainty to prepare for the rebound ahead. While some freeze with reduced sales-cycle activity, true leadership is leveraging this time to prepare to serve their customers for the other side of the pandemic.

Read the whole article on page 24-25 of the Top Sales Magazine May Issue.

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