Unplug to charge-up

“Unplug to Charge-up” –doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron? When your iPhone warns it only has 5% battery, if you are like me, you quickly search for your charger and get your phone plugged in ASAP. Where we, as humans, often seek out busyness in our schedule, both professionally and personally, when our batteries run low– the opposite of what we should be doing. And sadly, the impact of inserting busyness when we need rest often pays diminishing returns.

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get off the grid with my family — an opportunity to truly unplug. We took the time to hang out with one another and disconnect from the distractions of life – no TV or iPads, no summer reading for school, no practices/games/competitions for the kids, no housework for mom and no business work for dad. That last one hurt a bit with some great client engagements on the plate 🙂 It meant I physically had to turn off my laptop and smartphone, but oh how rewarding that was. While we didn’t get much sleep, as we were having a blast together all day and late into the evening, we came home from our vacation more rested and recharged. Our time was still packed, but with activities that filled our tank and fueled our relationships.

This time spent with my family was more than relaxing, it charged me. A number of mornings, I got up early and spent some quiet time reflecting on what really matters, on why I do what I do, and found these moments gave me renewed energy for being the best I can be. And not just the best business leader and client advisor, but the best husband and best dad. They are all intertwined, you know. If I am weak in one area, I am weak in them all.  

I challenge you to take time this summer to just unplug from the busyness of your daily routine– and don’t just say it, but DO it. Turn your phone off. Walk away from your desk. Invest time and energy in your family and friends, and enjoy the remarkable return on a treasured investment.