Effective launch: How to communicate

Communication in the context of a launch is about identifying what to communicate, when and to whom. The focus of communication will change by launch type and phase.  Internal communication to gain alignment and set priorities on execution is critical for program success.  External communication activities will vary by stage and audience.

Please see the following tables for some examples of how the focus of communication changes by launch type and phase.

Launch Category:


Launch Category:


Launch Category:


Note that there are no differences in the Initiate and Monitor phases across launch types.  The key differences around communication occur in the planning and Execution phases as a result of increasing scope and budgets to enable the revenue goals via advertising, demand generation and sales execution support. In addition, as the launch category progresses and becomes more impactful to the company, the depth and breadth of communication and the number of associated assets, budget allocated and resources deployed will grow.

Now we’ve gone through planning and communicating, and next week we’ll conclude the Effective Launch with discussing how to effectively measure.