The most important piece of a revenue performance goal: Collaboration

Read time: Less than 2 minutes.

If you are the CEO, or the person in charge of developing your company’s revenue performance goal, you need to know your business — and I mean ALL of it. Knock on the doors of all the departments — from product marketing to accounting and from sales to product development — and get to know their piece of the puzzle. What is working? What is not working? How is staffing? How could they do their job better? What are they doing well that others could emulate?

Now do an inventory to help you understand what kind of goal would be healthy and achievable and bold at the same time.

To create a lasting and effective revenue performance goal, everyone needs to be on board. It needs to be in the interest of the whole team — the whole company. Everyone (every department head) needs to know about it and have a hand in crafting it. Where alignment is lacking, leverage this opportunity to get everyone synced.

The biggest barrier to creating these game-changing goals is the inability for departments to collaborate. Silos are still alive and thriving, despite the constant push and need for unity.

Unifying your organization around this common goal will spark collaboration in different areas. Furthermore, it will make this everyone’s goal, not just yours.

Be the catalyst for this needed change.

  1. Connect with every department head in the business. If you don’t know them, get to know them.
  2. Invest in understanding their role in the company
  3. Ask them questions and listen: What has been working? What are their major pain points? How is staffing? Could they be serving the customer better?
  4. Do an inventory to understand what kind of goal would be healthy, achievable and bold all at once.
  5. Share your goal across communication channels: Send out an email, share a report, announce it at a company-wide meeting.

As the leader, set the tone and take the lead in this effort.